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HOME 2.0 Beer

The stork is a bird of passage. These high flyers have a lot of respect for their land of origin. But the stork refuses to be chained. With their wings spread wide, the proud birds look for a place to call second home. The unstoppable bird will only settle where he pleases. So here is to you, the storks of this crazy new world!

Proud tradition

The "Home 2.0" craft beers are produced in the legendary brewing town of Pasvalys in the Lithuanian highland. The craftsmen behind these unique beers are the fourth-generation descendants of the renowned family of brewers. Keeping true to the age-old brewing traditions, members of the Sinkevičiai family reinterpreted the classic Lithuanian recipes to match the vibrant mood of the international beer scene.

People on the move

The "Home 2.0" brand concept is grounded in the theme of migration and self-made success so far away from home. The classic tastes of the "Home 2.0" beers remind us of our first home. But it is not a taste of sadness or nostalgia. It is a taste of accomplishment and new worlds conquered.

Storks and pandas
Currently, “Home 2.0” craft beers come in two labels: the London themed “Stork on Big Ben” label, and the new Far East themed “Panda on Pagoda” label. Three beer types are available under the “Stork on Big Ben” label: lager (5,0%), unfiltered (5,0%), and dark ale (5,4%). One beer type is available under our Asian-edition label: an authentic unfiltered wheat beer (5,2%).

Thank you, London

These authentic diasporic beers are our way of thanking the great metropolis of London for welcoming the hard-working people from across the world. We are confident that London will forever remain a unique space of productive cultural dynamism and self-made success.

New places to call home

“Home 2.0” is a story of great Lithuanian craft beer discovering new welcoming homes abroad. We first did in the U.K. which was the best testing ground a brewer can hope for. Now we are ready to make more places our home. Please follow our News segment and our Facebook profile for updates on where you can find “Home 2.0” beers and which expositions we are attending.


Home 2.0 Beer

Brave New Home. Good Old Beer. From Lithuania With Love.

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