Home 2.0 Lager 5,0%

This traditional Lithuanian lager is recognized by its pure amber colour and an easy, refreshing taste. There’s a hint of bitter, but only a hint.  Fruit flavour can also be detected.

The craftsmen behind this unique beer are the fourth-generation descendants of the renowned family of brewers, the Sinkevičiai. Keeping true to the age-old brewing traditions, members of the Sinkevičiai family reinterpreted the classic Lithuanian lager to match the vibrant international mood of London’s beer scene.

Food matches: chicken, cheese plates, salmon.

Home 2.0 Wheat beer 5,2%

This cheeky white beer is produced using a blend of wheat and barley malts. This double formula gives the beer a surprisingly intense taste. The Home 2.0 Wheat beer 5,2% is an unfiltered hefeweizen. It’s a perfect craft beer for summertime and it’s best enjoyed cold (5-6 °C). Another good idea is to keep the glass in the fridge before filling it with this wonderful beer. You should also add a slice of lemon!

Food matches: salad, seafood, sushi, hard cheese.

Home 2.0 Unfiltered 5,0%

Unfiltered beers are synonymous with the craft beer movement. This great unfiltered lager is full of proteins, minerals, and group B vitamins which come from bottom-fermentation yeast. You have probably heard of the new “haze-craze” that craft beer lovers are talking about everywhere. Well, the Home 2.0 Unfiltered 5.0% is as murky and hazy as they get. 

This beer is best enjoyed cold (6-8 °C). In this way, you can really appreciate the yeasty character of this lager. People like drinking it with a slice of lemon. 

Food matches: fish, seafood, sushi.

Home 2.0 Dark Ale 5,4%

This majestic dark ale is produced using a combination of caramel and barley malts. This blend gives the ale a luxurious mahogany colour, as well as a rich taste and a unique aroma. The Home 2.0 Dark Ale 5,4% is made for true craft beer purists.

Food matches: grilled food, smoked meat, smoked cheese.

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